At Amazing Ageing Psychology we specialise in helping:

I. Individuals

We help you to achieve your personal goals, whether that means being happier, having more fun, improving relationships, adopting a positive approach to living with old age; managing memory problems,  chronic illness or pain, improving sleep, or just being more relaxed and settled within yourself. Therapy is empowering and enables you to be more in control of your life.

We do this by:

  1. Clinical Psychological Assessment, including comprehensive Cognitive and Behavioural assessment in the Clinic and in Residential Aged Care Facilities (Nursing Home and Hostel).
  2. Evidence-Based, Individualised Clinical Psychological Treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, grief and bereavement, adjustment issues, chronic pain, sleep problems, living with chronic health problems, and other emotional concerns. Therapy is usually within a cognitive behaviour therapy and positive psychology framework and may include goal setting, problem solving, behavioural activation, communication strategies, mindfulness training, and emotional regulation skills training.

II. Families/Carers

We help you to enable a better quality of life for your loved one and yourself even under the most trying of conditions. 

We provide support, education, and discussion around care planning issues and explore family concerns for those caring for a person with a mental illness and/or dementia. This will lead to confidence and peace of mind in your caring role.

We do this by:

  1. Education and Counselling for families who are experiencing stress in relation to an older person.

  2. Problem-Solving around future care related issues, and adjustment to care environments.
  3. Behavioural Support Planning associated with Dementia and/or mental health issues.

III. Residential Care Staff

We help you become empowered and confident in your caring role, so that you can become the most amazing carers for your ageing residents.

We do this by:

  1. Behaviour Support Planning for the management of challenging/response behaviours such as Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms related to Dementia (BPSD), facilitated on site.
  2. Education and Training for residential care staff caring for older people suffering from Dementia and mental health problems, facilitated on site.

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