Welcome to Amazing Ageing Psychology.

We are passionate about improving the quality of life
and mental health of older people. We specialise in helping:

  1. Older individuals living in the community,
    and those living in residential care facilities;
  2. Residential care staff; and
  3. Families/carers

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Amazing Ageing Psychology was established by Jane Turner, a Senior Clinical Psychologist with 27 year’s experience working with older people. Having acquired a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and a Masters of Clinical Psychology from Macquarie University, Jane is passionate about improving the mental health and quality of life of older Australians. Jane loves her work and is committed to empowering people as they age. Old age doesn’t have to be all about sickness, disability, depression or institutionalisation. Old age can be amazing!

Jane and her team at Amazing Ageing Psychology offer expert Clinical Psychological Assessments (including cognitive and behavioural) and evidence-based therapy for individuals; education and counselling for families; and professional education and training for residential care staff to help them understand and manage the unique psychological challenges of their ageing residents.

“Old age has its pleasures which though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth”.

W. Somerset Maugham

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